We’re your animal health advocates.

Your daily practice is driven by the health and wellness needs of animals and is not without its challenges. Bayer’s credibility in animal health products, education and support is rooted in over 150 years of trusted human medicine research and product development — so you can count on us to provide you with accurate animal health information to help overcome obstacles and strengthen your practice.

How we’ve created a legacy of veterinary support.

Products to treat and help protect pets.

Dedicated to the care of animals, big and small.

Our family of products provides an array of options so you can find the right Bayer product to fit the unique needs of your practice.

  • Companion Animal Care

    For the wellness of pets.

    Bayer is here to support your care for people’s pets.

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  • Large Animal Aid

    Quality of livestock life.

    Let Bayer guide you as a leader in BRD, anti-infective therapies and parasiticides for effective care of livestock.

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Unparalleled passion for protecting and treating animals.

As a veterinarian, your mission is to care for animals. Our dedication to science allows us to effectively support your veterinary practice and develop innovative solutions that help improve the quality of life for the animals in your care.

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Science For A Better Life

Bayer gives back.

We recognize that animals connect us to our communities, and we make it a priority to give back to our communities through the programs and causes we actively support.