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U.S. veterinarians with questions or comments for Bayer Animal Health, feel free to contact us.

Bayer Veterinary Product Support

  • Request for Bayer technical product information
  • Report a possible adverse event or product quality concern
  • Receive product information

Telephone: 800-422-9874

Clinic Orders

  • Place an order
  • Make a payment or ask address questions on your statement
  • Leave a message for your local Bayer sales representative
  • Order literature or promotional items
  • Talk with a customer service representative

Telephone: 800-633-3796

General Inquiries

  • Bayer Animal Health office directory support or the operator

Telephone: 800-255-6517

Media Inquiries

  • Media contacts for inquiries from members of the press (no soliciting advertising)

Telephone: 862-404-5118

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Account Request

Click on the "Account Request" link, complete the request form, sign and return to us (see instructions at the bottom of the Request). If you have a tax exemption/resale certificate, please provide along with your account request. If you need to complete a tax certificate, please go to the Resources section where you can access tax certificate forms in the Tax department tab.
If you have questions, please contact your Bayer Sales Representative or call Bayer Customer Service at 800-633-3796 option 0.