Veterinary Educational & Training Center

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In-Clinic Seminars Student Resources Video Library
The veterinary in-clinic seminars provided here cover a wide range of topics relevant to the companion animal veterinarian.  Seminar topics include Heartworm, Bartonella/CSD, Tapeworms, and more.
These resources address specific questions and concerns veterinary students may face. Students can expand their knowledge and test their skills with the presentations, quizzes, and more. You must be registered and logged in as a veterinary student to view this content.
The Bayer Video Library includes high-quality videos on a variety of health issues affecting companion animals. These brief but detailed videos contain information vital to today’s veterinary professionals.
Science Library Antimicrobial Resources My Bookmarks
The Science Library contains expert articles and white papers. Search filters allow you to quickly and easily find all articles and resources related to a specific product, species, or disease.
Visit these resources to access online tools such as: our interactive HDSD presentation, Target: the Antimicrobial Reference Guide to Effective Treatment and STAT: Steps To Antimicrobial Therapy.
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