Bayer Animal Health MSDS

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Companion Animal Products

Livestock Products

Acepromazine Maleate Injection 10 mg/mL

Advantage® II for cats

Advantage® II for dogs

Advantage Multi® for Cats (imidacloprid + moxidectin) Topical Solution

Advantage Multi® for Dogs (imidacloprid + moxidectin) Topical Solution

Advantus Chew 7.5mg

Advantus Chew 37.5mg

Alenza® Chewable Tablets

AmiMax™ C Injection (amikacin sulfate)

AvenaLyt® Shampoo

Baytril® (enrofloxacin ) Injectable Solution 2.27% For Dogs Only

Baytril® (enrofloxacin ) Tablets

Baytril® Otic (enrofloxacin/ silver sulfadiazine) Emulsion

ChlorhexiDerm® 4% Shampoo

Claro® (florfenicol, terbinafine, mometasone furoate) Otic Solution

Droncit® (praziquantel) Canine Cestocide Tablets

Droncit® (praziquantel) Feline Cestocide Tablets

Droncit® (praziquantel) Injectable for Cats

Droncit® (praziquantel) Injectable for Dogs

Drontal® (praziquantel/pyrantel pamoate) Tablets

Drontal® Plus (praziquantel/pyrantel pamoate/febantel) Tablets

Drontal® Plus (praziquantel/pyrantel pamoate/febantel) Taste Tabs®

DVM Daily Soft Chews®

DVM® Feline Joint Gel

Endurosyn® Canine Oral Gel

Endurosyn® Feline Oral Gel

equitrX® Wound Healing Spray Gel

equitrX® Corneal Repair Gel Drops

Free Form™ Liquid

Free Form™ Snip Tips for Medium and Large Dogs

Free Form™ Snip Tips for Small Dogs and Cats

Furosemide Injection 5%

HyLyt® Bath Spray

HyLyt® Crème Rinse

HyLyt® Shampoo

K9 Advantix® II

Lactoquil® Soft Chews

Malaseb® Flush

Malaseb® Shampoo

OtiRinse® Ear Cleansing/Drying Solution

PearLyt® Shampoo

Preva® Medicated Wipes

Profender® (emodepside/praziquantel)
Topical Solution

quellin® (carprofen) soft chews

Relief® HC Shampoo

Relief® Shampoo

Relief® Spray


Rompun™ (xylazine) 100 mg/mL Injectable

Seresto® for cats

Seresto® for dogs

Synovi G3® Soft Chews

Synovi G4® Soft Chews

T8 Keto® Flush

Veraflox® (pradofloxacin) Oral Suspension for Cats

Baytril® 100 (enrofloxacin) Injectable Solution

Co-Ral® Fly & Tick Spray


Credo® SC Insecticide

CyLence Guard®

CyLence® Pour-On Insecticide

QuickBayt® Fly Bait

QuickBayt® Spot Spray (16 oz)

QuickBayt® Spot Spray (24 oz)

Tempo® 1% Dust Insecticide

Tempo® 20 WP Insecticide

Tempo® SC Ultra Pest Control Concentrate

Tempo® SC Ultra Premise Spray



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