Rompun™ (xylazine) 100 mg/mL Injectable

Rompun™ (xylazine) 100mg/mL Injectable
Rompun™ (xylazine) 100mg/mL Injectable

Rompun™ (xylazine) can be used in horses when it is desirable to produce a state of sedation accompanied by a shorter period of analgesia.

  • From short-term sedation to analgesia, Rompun™
    (xylazine) Injectable is a proven name in delivering
    safe*, dose-dependent results to calm fractious
    animals, which helps facilitate handling.
  • Rompun™ can be used as stand-alone sedation for
    short-and moderate-length procedures, or in
    combination with other drugs as a preanesthetic.
  • Rompun™ can be administered both intravenously (IV)
    and intramuscularly (IM).
  • Rompun™ works within 3 to 5 minutes in horses after
    IV administration, and 10 to 15 minutes after IM

*Safe when used per label directions.

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